‘Stormcloud’ and ‘Clock’ apps: New Features

The weather app Stormcloud and time app Clock has been updated with a number of small new features.


What’s new?

Everything. Stormcloud underwent a rewrite. It looks and feels pretty similar but it now has support for multiple locations, chameleonic backgrounds (unity only), credits, touch screen support and many more animations.

On the technical side of things, Stormcloud now uses node-webkit rather than GTKWebkit. This is so there are hardware accelerated animations and the smoothest experience possible. The only downside is that it adds a lot to the download size.

The new chameleon background feature matches very closely to that used by Unity:


One removal I’m sad to see go is the Unity Launcher badge displaying the temperature.


Although incapable of displaying metrical units due to a limitation of Unity, it was still a handy feature to have, and one that made keeping the app open, albeit hidden, worthwhile.


There is no longer a dedicated button for switching to the Preferences pane.

Instead it’s located as the very last slide in the carousel; keep hitting the ‘right’ button in the top-right hand corner, or hit your left-arrow navigation key until you get to it.
Choose your temperature and windspeed units; set a custom background, or enable a ‘Chameleonic’ one.

“Small” Cost

The free application is no longer available. 😦

The Stormcloud 1.2 a little expensive: $2.99 (!?) on the Ubuntu Software Center.

The app costs too much than I’d reasonably expect to pay for it, but the developer is hamstrung by Canonical in this regard: $2.99 is the lowest price at which they allow developers to sell their apps.

Stormcloud 1.1 was free. If you want Stormcloud 1.2 for free, you can download it off Github.

Stormcloud on the Ubuntu Software Center



The primary purpose: to tell you the time.

For this the app and its developer, Micheal Harker, get full marks because it automatically detected my timezone and showed me the correct time.

Look & Options

Like the weather app Stormcloud, Clock lets you change the colour of the background.
Sadly ‘Ubuntu Ambience’ isn’t included within the colour options on offer.

Three different clock stlyes can be chosen from: digital, polar, and analogue. 

24 Hour Time and a ‘seconds‘ hand can also be enabled from the Settings area. The former of these is less well though out: it merely adds an ‘AM’ or ‘PM’ suffix to the right-hand side of the clock.

Install ‘Clock’ App for Ubuntu.

Download the ‘Clock’ app for the dev website.

via OMG!Ubuntu! Stormcloud  – OMG!Ubuntu! Clock
via mintco.de
via michealhark.tk


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