New Dash Icons in Ubuntu 13.04

The updated designs by Matthieu James iterate rather than overhaul those currently used in Ubuntu.

new lens nav icons in 13.04

Rounder icons are proposed for ‘Home’, ‘Files’, ‘Photos’ and ‘Video’ lenses.

The Applications Lens icon sports the same ‘A’ design as that used on the new Ubuntu Software Center and Software Updater icons debuted late last month.

It certainly says “Applications” more than that the currently used ‘ruler, crayon, pen’ icon.

via OMG!Ubuntu!

Meet Athena, fancy worked-on-detail file manager (mockups)

Dealing with files (images, video clips, text documents, etc) and folders is performed (under Ubuntu) via Nautilus, the default file manager.

Across the latest months, Nautilus has received a solid amount of attention, attention divided in two main user directions: to be improved and refreshed (approach incarnated by the GNOME developers who brought a refined Nautilus 3.6 file manager with monochrome icons, full toolbar, eyecandy elements, etc) or changed (by the developers or third-party developers) with a file manager that is to bear a more up-to-date approach while retaining key (according to various users, removed from Nautilus 3.6) features and an overall multitude of configuration options, to-be-tweaked preferences, etc, essentially, the latter concept to mix eyecandy visuals with a serious no-compromise set of features.